About Shae

Hi, I’m Shae! Thanks for stopping by.

I could be described as many things: a twenty-something (because that sounds a lot better than “mid-twenties”), a Christian, a newlywed, the world’s best daughter, a big sister, a princess, a social media/graphic design pro, a Chickasaw, a business owner…the list goes on.

You’ll be the prince & I’ll be the princess

I told you (above) that I was a princess. For real, though, I take that title seriously… On May 3, 2014, I married my very own real life Prince Charming, Matt. In just over a year of marriage, he’s survived many meals I’ve cooked and not too many clothes have been ruined by the laundry! When we got married, I inherited a new dog, Thabo, who enjoys eating grass and whatever I grow in the garden. We also adopted a dog, Hashtag, in August of 2014.

Blame it all on my roots…

Like I said, I’m the world’s best daughter. My parents, Daddy and Momma Jo, raised me to be a graceful girl, who respects, helps and loves people, and knows what she believes in. I take after them, so they have to say I’m the best. Growing up, we raised sheep, and they now raise cattle – Kennedy beef is my favorite kind, and the only kind you’ll find in my freezer!
Daddy, me and Momma
I also claim the title of world’s best big sister. My brothers are Kaden (“K”) and Kale; they truly are an answer to prayer. They’re super cool and insanely talented. They show steers and play basketball, and both are taller than me. They’re the reason summer is my least favorite season – there are no stock shows and very few basketball games to watch! My favorite place to be is sitting in the stands supporting them. They also love Jesus, which is the best thing about them.
I love my Chinese Pug, Molly Jo, who makes the best snuggle buddy ever. My momma kept her when Matt & I got married, because she and Thabo don’t get along (he’s way, way too hyper for her!). We said goodbye to Molly on May 28, 2015. I’m leaving her on this blog because for 11 years, she was by my side. She truly wast the best dog imaginable. I loved my girl so, so much and miss her daily.
Molly Jo - Chinese Pug

In books of fame we’ll write your name, Oklahoma State

I graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2010 with a degree in agricultural communications. This does not mean I can talk to cows or wheat, contrary to popular belief. While at OSU, I was a member of Sigma Phi Lambda. During those 3.5 years I met some of my best friends. During college, I interned at Riverwind Casino in Norman, OK, then worked for them full-time upon graduation. In the summer of 2012, I left casino life behind and started my current job, working for a wonderful non-profit in OKC doing digital marketing and communications. In 2015, I became a business owner when I founded Shaeken LLC.

Before you go…

The longer you read, the more you’ll find I’m a big fan. I’m a fan of the OSU Cowboys, the OKC Thunder, the Seattle Seahawks and of course, my very favorite team, the AmPo Panthers. But, I’m also a fan of non-sports things; things like agriculture, monograms, gold glitter, hot pink, Pantone 166, leopard print, bold lipstick, puppy snuggles, throw pillows & blankets, a great book, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, sweet tea, coffee, learning to cook, running (even though I’m slower than a turtle), Braum’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (why do you think I run?), my weekly trip to Target and my beautiful friends (a few are pictured below – I love this picture!). Whew! What a list.

And in case no one has told you today, you are loved.
All ideas, thoughts and opinions expressed at http://www.shaeken.com belong to the owner of this blog or author of the post and do not necessarily reflect the ideas, thoughts and opinions of my current employer, of those I do contract work with or of those I may represent. I do not receive compensation or gifts for posts at http://www.shaeken.com unless otherwise stated. Questions? Email me using the link above.


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