You stay classy, bloggy friends.

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Friday, Friday, Friday. You, my friend, are, as always, a very welcome day of the week. I have high hopes the two days after you will be awesome. But even though i’m so excited to see you, I did like a few things about the week.

1. My Birchbox came in!!
After Tweeting about my shipment notification and being jealous that Lori got hers in before I did, I came home Thursday night to a glorious hot pink box sitting on the counter with my name on it.
{This is the part most people would insert a picture of their excitement…except I forgot to take one. Don’t worry, you’ll get a product review of the stuff inside my box – soon!}
Would you like to receive a box full of beautiful presents every month? Sign up here!

2. I finally got to experience Anchorman “in all its glory!”
As the movie started, I might have said “Oh, this is that Ron Burgundy movie!” I’m really trying to work on my “I’ve seen that movie” collection, and considering so many sayings I hear frequently came from this movie, I think this was a pretty good place to start! I’m no longer “that girl who’s never seen Anchorman!” Hooray!

3. Today means it’s only 7 days until I get to spend a whole day off hanging out with Caylee (&Meg)!!
I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about this. Craft night and best friend time – I’ve been looking forward to this for months since Caylee first made plans to come up for the weekend. I miiiiight even have a countdown going on. #NotEvenKidding

4. Getting up on time.
I’ve done a really good job of it this week. Typically I’m dragging myself out of bed at the very last second, but I’ve actually been waking up earlier all week!

5. Glasses!!
My job requires a lot of face time with the computer. Scratch that, my job is being in front of the computer. While I love, love, love my job – I mean, who wouldn’t love drawing pretty pictures and doing cool stuff with code and getting paid to be a social media ninja – my eyes sometimes don’t love my job. I made a visit to the doctor this week after having headaches and eye strain and only feeling like working if my computer screen was completely dim and my lights were off – you know, being a cave woman – and the eye doctor is getting me glasses to fix the eye strain! Most of the time after having LASIK no one would be jumping for joy at glasses, but considering I put my eyes through a lot, I’m trying to be nice to them, so reading glasses it is. Plus, they’re super cute, so that’s a plus.

Happy weekend, blog friends! Hope it’s a great one for you 🙂

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