Saturday night

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I had the opportunity to take mini road trip Saturday night, and let me tell you, I couldn’t have asked for better or more fun passengers. The AmPo girls were in the finals of the Hinton basketball tournament, so, along with my brothers and two of their friends, I headed out to watch them, just minutes after returning from watching Kaden’s team beat Harding Prep.

I feel like most teenage boys wouldn’t want big sister hanging out, but the whole way over we jammed to music and I pretended to not be there as they talked girls and “text bombs.” Only once at the game did Kaden request I relocate to anywhere else in the gym, but then they realized I had money and they wanted food, so I was allowed to stay a few seats away 🙂 Also, the four of them had the best manners – no tooting or burping in my face, so that was a win!!

While driving home and thinking about the fun evening we had, I couldn’t help but realize that my baby brothers are no longer little boys! I wanted to squeeze every last second out of the night and capture every minute of the great night we’d had (even if I was kind of an onlooker…I understand what I put my parents through now – thanks mom and dad!!). I then looked over and saw Kale was very asleep and glanced back to see Kaden jamming with his Beats on his ears, so it was clear no more adventures were in store for the night 🙂 I’m sure in a few days they won’t even remember how much we (okay, I) enjoyed the evening, but this is a memory I will carry with me. They let me be a part of their lives, in on the jokes and laughter, and not just be their sister, but be a friend to them for the night. I prayed for so long when I was a little girl to have little brothers, and I was given the best two God could design.

Kaden and Kale, I am proud of you every single day. I am thankful for you, and being your sister – and your friend – is the best title I have ever been given. While I want you both to stay little forever, because let’s face it you getting old means I’m getting old, watching you grow up is so exciting. You are chasing dreams and reaching goals and being awesome. I hope you both know how much I love you.

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