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Happy National Championship and Countdown to the 2013 Season Day! Only 236 days until the Oklahoma State University Cowboys will take the field in Houston, TX at Reliant Stadium against the Bulldogs of Mississippi State. Not that I’m counting down and planning my outfit already or anything… 

Friday after work I stopped at Ulta to pick up new mascara after thinking my eyes were going to be scratched out of my face from being so allergic to the cheap-o stuff I’d purchased a few days before.

I got the ck one mascara in black and so far it’s not bothering my eyes at all or flaking off. #winning. While I was there, I picked up Baby Lips Peach Kiss because my lips have been super dry. Another winner. Try it if you haven’t yet.

Momma and I met at the Pink House (aka Royal Nails, for you Tuttle-ites who Google for the phone number and can’t find a listing for the Pink House anywhere…don’t worry it only took me almost two years to figure this out) for pedicures. I was so excited, because I hadn’t had one in forever. While the little feet water basins were filling, they asked if we wanted manicures as well. After just a bit of prodding, mom and I agreed. I’ve never had a gel manicure before – when I went to Le for, like, ever, I did acrylics (even when I had a full arm cast and he had to paint my “thumb” right onto the cast itself!) then I stopped going at all because no one was as awesome as Le, so I just painted my nails myself and increased my Essie collection! Anyway, mom said my aunt gets gel nails, and since we remembered hers looking great, mom and I decided to try it out. 
Definitely worth it. Definitely going to be getting it again. Hopefully next time I need my nails done assuming I have time when these wear off. I told mom “I think I’ll go out on a limb and not get the brightest pink they have this time.” Ha. I ended up with the brightest pink they had, of course. On the gel: no dry time, no air bubbles, they haven’t gotten scratchy or chippy yet (I know, it’s only been a few days, but I typically have to repaint my nails every 3 days or so) and they are SO shiny!! They have matching regular paint too so my toes match, which is always a plus.
They remind me of Barbie doll color. Love!
I didn’t intentionally show off my rewards cards & flash drive for this picture.
I just wanted a picture of my nails right away to see how long they stay looking perfect 🙂

Saturday I had to run to the Apple store to replace my cracked iPhone 5 screen. Word to the wise: make sure you buy Apple Care with your iPhone 5. They can’t replace the screen in store and every non-Apple place I found on Google was at least $300. Instead, they just give you a new phone. Cool deal. For $229. Not cool deal. Thankfully the sales person was super nice and told me about Apple Care (I had no idea I needed it before), so for only $49, I’m protected for the next two years against a broken-in-any-way iPhone and can get repairs for $49 instead of $229. Knowing myself well, I decided it was a wise investment. With any luck, I won’t need it.

Saturday night I was treated to a fancy pants night at the Warren Theatre. We went to see Django Unchained in the Director’s Suite. Boys, take note: this is the way to take a girl to the movies if you want it to be a really awesome night! I was told to bring my ID (you have to be 21 to be in the Director’s Suite) but I thought it was just a joke, so I wouldn’t get ID for being a teenager (We went to Remington Park once and I forgot my ID and they didn’t let us in because I didn’t look 18. I was 22).

Anyway, the Director’s Suite is so wonderful, with fluffy heated recliners that were so big I basically curled up into a ball for the whole movie. Oh, the movie was fabulous too. I’m not a bloody movie type of girl, and was told we were seeing either Django or the Hobbit. Simply because of my bloody movie fear (slash induced nausea at the sight) I secretly hoped it was going to be the Hobbit, but was happy to go along with whichever, since I’d heard Django was supposed to be good. It was awesome and definitely I’m glad we saw that over the Hobbit! If you are at all into good movies, go see it! In case you haven’t guessed, I had an amazing time and a fantastic Saturday evening 🙂

Sunday was a day of relaxing, basketball and football. Thankfully the Thunder won again – I never get tired of seeing Nick Collison on TV and the post game interview featured my #CelebrityCrush.

I know, I know. Long weekend update. It was a good weekend though, and I didn’t even have to mention anything about OU losing their bowl game. #oops 🙂 Happy Monday, friends!

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