I had a dream the other night, and after telling Lori about it, she told me I must share it with the blog so you all may enjoy it and laugh at our silliness – and a warning – in case you’ve forgotten, we have very active imaginations.

So I was asleep one night, enjoying a peaceful night of wonderful rest, when suddenly Lori decides to make a dramatic appearance in my dream. She brought Tate, Patrick, Brenna, Audrey and her parents along too. Lori burst into my dream to tell me that four month old Tate was about to be a big brother – to 8 babies. Octomom, much? She also, in standard Lori fashion, wasn’t making us wait long to meet Tate’s new siblings; the babies – all girls – were due, like, immediately.

We all father at Lori’s house, in Tate’s room, to meet the new tiny humans. They are all lined up in their cribs, which were tiny-sized, because all eight, plus Tate, were in one room. She introduced us to the babies one by one, and soon discovered she had a bit of a problem.

Picking up baby 1, she introduced us to Apple. Baby 2, she said, was Monogram, spelled mMm. When she picked map baby 3, she realized it was unnamed…and so was baby 4, baby 5, baby 6, baby 7 and baby 8! Being the problem solver she is, Lori formulated a plan.

Rocking back and forth on her toes, facing the poor, unnamed babies, she informed us all that we would be wearing sandwich boards and walking around Minco to accept bids on a names for the babies. Clearly that made bout as much sense as naming a child mMm (which in my dream was perfectly logical) so off we went, wearing sandwich boards with sharpies attached.

Unfortunately I woke up at this point so I can’t reveal the names of babies 3-8, but I’m sure the citizens of Minco had good taste when naming them. One was probably even named Windmill.

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