Just pretend this is as awesome as last year’s party.

Last year, I wanted to make sure my parents knew exactly how much I love them. I (with a little help) threw them a fantastic party to celebrate 25 years of marriage. All I have to say for my weak display of party pants this year is “I still love you but I need to save a few more years to throw another party like that. Here’s a gift card to the Dollar Menu.” 😊 Of course, I’m mostly kidding, but I do want to take a second to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the day they said “I do.”

As I said, last year, with the help of my grandparents and aunt, Kaden, Kale and I got to invite my parents friends and family to celebrate with us at Remington Park. I learned I’m terrible at keeping big secrets (mom might have known about it a little early), but I think they had a good time celebrating anyway.

I love you, Daddy and Momma. I am so thankful for your faithfulness to each other, our family and the Lord. I hope to one day have a marriage filled with as much overflowing love and happiness as the example you have shown. Happy 26th anniversary!!!

And Daddy, one more thing:

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