Go AmPo!

Friday evening was the big night – Kaden’s first basketball game on the varsity team. I’ve been counting down for the last couple of weeks because I was so excited about it! He’s going to have our family busy this season – two nights of junior high basketball a week and two nights of varsity basketball – plus Kale’s team still has a few more games to go. Welcome to the busiest (and best) time of the year.

Before the game, he looked a little nervous, and very ready to just get the show on the road 🙂 It was a little strange to see his name up on the board – when did he get old enough for that?
Kaden before his first HS Basketball game Kaden's name on the board

He played so well, ending up with two rebounds and a foul. Mom was doing the clock and I was keeping stats on the iPad, so thankfully my friend Megan came along to help document with pictures!
Playing great defense Block out!

AmPo came from behind to defeat Calumet 47-45, holding Calumet to only 5 points in the last quarter. The girls team also won 69-27. Thanks to everyone who voted YES for AmPo kids earlier this year, this is planned to be the last season opener in the current gym! What a way to mark it. The Panthers demonstrated excellent teamwork and they all played awesome! I was one proud sister 🙂
Kaden Kennedy after the AmPo Panthers defeated Calumet 47-45 on 11-2-12



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