I promise I love you, blog friends.

I just live a really, really busy life and I have not had time to update you on it. I know, that seems to happen a lot lately. I take it back; last night I could have updated my blog in the 20 minutes I spent uploading pictures to Facebook, but since those pictures were several months overdue, Facebook won (for the first time ever, might I add). I feel like I’ve been all around slacking in the updating on my life lately. Believe me, it’s been plenty interesting, but I feel like I don’t have time to write anything nice and pretty and tell a good story, so I just throw a bunch of random pictures and words and links and hope you see some sort of method to my madness and excuse me for it. That sentence was three lines long – do you see what I mean? Okay, done with the rambling.

Like I said, there has been plenty happening. Great stuff. I promise I will get on the ball {eventually} and tell you about it in a timely manner, but until then, here are for quick highlights from the last couple of weeks.

1. I painted a pumpkin. It was fun, and of course it involves glitter. Thank you, Brenna, for the idea 🙂

2. Tiny human time with cute people has happened a lot recently. Pailynn and I practiced our shot after an AmPo game, and I’m pretty sure she will go pro. Do you see that form?! Impeccable.

3. My little brother got hurt again but he doesn’t have to have surgery! Do you remember at the beginning of the football season when all of OSU’s quarterbacks decided to throw their fragile bodies at the ground got hurt? Well, Kale has the exact same injury as JW Walsh, and he finished playing his basketball game when he hurt it, just like J Dub himself. Tough cookies, I’m telling you. Although they are all getting bubble wrap for Christmas.

4. I went to Stillwater and saw some of my favorite people! OSU played this weekend at home, and not only did my dear Little, Catie, go with me to the game, I got to see my long-lost vet school friend, Kevin! I was pretty sure one of the animals ate him, it’d been so long since I had seen him.

5. My middle brother is growing up, and I am really proud. Last night I watched his opening ceremonies team perform at an FFA event. Tomorrow is JH basketball. Friday he plays high school basketball for the first time. It’s almost too much for me to handle. I can’t begin to tell you all how proud I am of my brothers. I want them to reach all their goals and realize all their dreams, and I know they are both capable.

Your life. What is happening? Do you blog? Link to your favorite recent post, because chances are I haven’t seen it since I haven’t read any blogs (except this one) in about a month. Whoops.


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