Homecoming Weekend

This weekend was my absolute favorite weekend of the whole entire year: Homecoming. In my last post I shared memories of my last homecoming as a student at OSU. This is my second homecoming out of school, and I think they just get better each year. It’s weird running into people you had class with (shout out to Blake and Stephanie!), and now you have real grown up jobs, and several people only make it back to town for Homecoming weekend. It made me realize we are actually grown ups and, as far as I can tell, we a doing a pretty good job of it.

Before I get to Homecoming, I’ll start with Friday night. Prior to heading to Stillwater, I attended the wedding of my friend, Trent, who married Jamie in a beautiful outdoor wedding. Seriously, they couldn’t have ordered a more perfect evening.
20121021-220803.jpg 20121021-220834.jpg

After the wedding, we headed to Stillwater. Thankfully, my parents had a hotel room, and although I feel like a terrible alumni admitting this, I didn’t make it to Walkaround. I did drive by the Phi Lamb & ATO house deck before heading to the hotel and going straight to sleep, though, so I don’t feel too horrible.

Saturday was an 11:00 kick off, and I might have sort of watched the parade from the hotel as I fixed my hair and got ready. My dad made me a waffle (courtesy of the hotel continental breakfast, haha), which was delicious, then we headed over to the stadium to see what all was going on.

When Meg and I got to the game, we decided we should take a picture before it was entirely too hot. Thank goodness we did! Apparently the weather forgot it was October, because I definitely got a sunburn.

Laine came to sit with us in the last part of the game and tried to get the tailgaters to cheer with him as we were leaving the stadium. Note to fans: “orange” is followed by “power” and the when someone starts with an “O” you follow with “S-U, COWBOYS!!!”

After poking around the renovated Union (beautiful, btw), Meg and I decided to be dutiful alumni and take a picture of the library and fountain – you know, things that haven’t changed a bit since we were there (okay, maybe neither of us used the library, so it could have changed, but still).

Saturday evening, the Kennedy and Ratcliff families headed to Hideaway for even more fun (at this point it felt like Saturday had lasted several days). There was a lot of laughter – and even more jokes at my expense – and it was such a wonderful time.

Keely and I had to stop at Rhinestone Cowgirl, where I found a cute car candle in the shape of a cowboy. We all also went to Orange Leaf, where Kaden displayed some wonderful dance skills and he and Keely both gave us a taste of the latest teenage fashion.

Today we slept in, ate at Joes, and headed home. Needless to say, I’ll be sleeping very well tonight! 🙂

If you went to Homecoming – and especially Walkaround – share a link to your pictures/ blogs with me!

Forever orange,

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