#tbt Homecoming Edition

Tonight is all night pomp at OSU, meaning my favorite holiday (ahem, Chase) is just hours away: Homecoming Weekend!!!

Two years ago, after countless hours of hard work, several all nighters, a few tears, a whole lot of stress, millions of memories and 3,729 Diet Cokes, James (my Delt counterpart) and I hoped and prayed our house dec would come together and be everything we had been imagining for months…And it turned out even better than we could have dreamed.

Being involved with Homecoming was more than just tissue paper and chicken wire to me. It was #catdh10 with Emily, Starbucks runs with Laine and couch cuddles with Lacey. It was learning to manage a businesslike budget, being pushed to the busy limit, managing people and their hours, managing my own time and school, and being creative without holding back. Most importantly, it was making friends and memories to last a lifetime.

Jared and Emily with our sign

My adopted Delt little, Connor 🙂

With my little, Catie, at all night pomp. She learned to weld right after we took this picture!

Mr. Mike, part of our house dec


Our full house dec!! “What’s your story?”

With James and Kayla during Walkaround. Exhaustion had definitely hit at this point!

With James, receiving our award on the field during the game!

So many fun memories. I just love Homecoming. Stillwater, I’ll see you in 24 hours!

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