According to Laine

I got a text from Laine Tuesday night that I ws absolutely positive was a joke.

“Sometimes I think I should hairspray my pencil notes…”
“Your pencil notes?” (I thought for a second he was writing on pencils…) “Hairspray them?”
“It keeps them from smearing/losing the graphite.”

Clearly I had to test his theory because in all the hours days weeks time I’ve spent on Pinterest, I had not heard of doing this.

Test it yourself. You need paper, a pencil and hairspray.

Since it was Lainey’s idea, I wrote his name. Giving credit here. The top one is without hairspray and you can see some smudging. The bottom one was hairsprayed, and on the part that was dry when I smudged, there’s no smudging! (I was a little too excited to let it completely dry)

Mind. Blown.

Those of you who are still in school and don’t take notes electronically, this could be a good way to preserve those notes you take and file away until the night before finals. 🙂 Typically anything I took with pencil was too smudged to read by the time I got around to studying it! Brilliant. Laine, you win at note taking. Good luck on your test today!!

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