I kind of lost my brother

A lot has happened in the last two weeks since I abandon my blog. #whoops. My reason excuse for not sharing anything was the blackberry I was using for two weeks while waiting on my iPhone to finally come in! After getting feedback on which case to get, I finally settled on Orange Lightning from Marley Lilly!


To quickly bring you all up to speed on the life of Shae, here are a few pictures.

Laine & I went to EYB at Tulsa last Sunday. I’m not sure if we enjoyed the concert or the people around us more! We were near some very interesting people for sure. Before we left the fair, Laine finally became a real cowboy rode the mechanical bull. Most were impressed with this LeDoux-like skills, and I was just impressed my city friend stayed on the bull, real or not, long enough to hit the eight second mark!



I took off work on Thursday to watch my little brothers show their steers. The Kennedy boys are carrying on the tradition of good livestock showmanship and I am so proud of them. They both got third in their class and Kale was second alternate for the sale.

My favorite and least favorite part of steer shows is when an exhibitor lets his or her animal loose. Or sometimes, when an exhibitor’s parent lets the animal loose (side eye, TK). IMy dad let this happen, and of course I was on hand to document the rodeo that followed with Kaden’s steer.



Friday evening, my cousin was playing in Edmond in the Class A State Baseball tournament (at small schools, like AmPo and Latta, football doesn’t exist, so they play fall baseball.). Bryce and the Latta Panthers easily defeated Sterling, though I’m not sure my aunt quit bouncing up and down nervously the entire time (Ps – I love the iPhone panoramic camera!).


Since they won, they played for the state title at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark on Saturday!


After the game, Kale, Meg and I decided we needed cupcakes to warm us up (all the hot chocolate we drank during the game, along with blankets and layers, we’re not helping a bit). We ran over to Pinkitzel, and Meg and I decided my next birthday party would be held there, and glittery heels would be required. I had the lemon chiffon cupcake and it was amazing.


And now, for the dramatic part of the story.

Kale needed new tennis shoes, so being the nice sister I am, I agreed to take him to buy some. While we are browsing the Nike store, he looks at me with a panicked expression.
“Sisigottagotothebathroomkbye.” (Translation: sis, I have to go to the bathroom)
And he ran off.

I assumed he went to the bathroom in the store…until a few minutes later when I discover the store doesn’t have a bathroom! Now it’s my turn for the panicked expression. I asked the guy helping us where the nearest bathroom was, and he directed me across the hall. I go check – there are two family bathrooms, both with open doors and no sign of my brother. Remaining calm freaking out, I go to the next closest ones, in the food court, and call my dad to let him know I potentially have lost his 12-year-old. There’s a guy about my age walking out of the men’s room as I walk up, so I ask if he would go inside and see if there is a boy named Kale in there. He does, and there is, so I stop panicking. Unfortunately, there must have been a different boy named Kale, because it was not my Kale.

Feeling as though I am about to be disowned by my mother for losing her youngest child, I go to the information desk and ask if they will help me find my brother. At this exact time, I get an iMessage from my mom asking where I’m at.

Clearly, I was not about to tell her I lost Kale (I forgot to mention – she had surgery Friday).

Then she sends me another message. Kale is in the Nike store looking for you.

I tell the information desk people I found him and make a mad dash back to the Nike store to find my charming little brother standing at the front waiting on me. Not panicked at all. Ready to look for shoes. Completely unaware that his bathroom trip took several years off my life that a truck had already tried to shorten.

Needless to say, I bought him the shoes and did not let him out of my sight for a second until I had delivered him back to his tiny human keepers (parents) and vowed never to mix my brother and shoe shopping again. Ever.

I took this picture of Kale at lunch and I was pretty sure it was going to be on milk cartons before I found him.


Ps – keepers of tiny humans who I frequently spoil – don’t worry, this won’t happen again.

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