Stock show season?

Guys, I guess it really is stock show season – not fall, autumn, or as I call it, football season. How do I know this? Well, every day, the search results on my little blog increase for one song – Livestock Show (because of this post from earlier this year) – and one very disturbing search term. I’m assuming these searches are coming from some ag students needing music for the drive to Tulsa in a few weeks and/or they’re practicing judging. At least that’s what I’m pretending. Anyway, on to more fun.

This weekend was a blast. Friday night I had dinner with one of my sweet g-littles in Norman. She happened to be an athletic trainer for the football team last year and got a little bling when the Cowboys won the Big 12. She brought it along to dinner and I had the honor of trying this monster of a ring on!

I also had a slumber party with one of my favorite tiny humans, Pailynn! We ate the inside of an Oreo, played with toys and watched the Rangers. I love that she is starting to figure out how to say my name – “Ae” is a perfectly acceptable form of “Shae!”

Saturday, Catie and I watched the 6A state cheer competition and went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Just after ordering our cokes, we were creeped on by a man old enough to be our dad. He and his group had left the table, and after it was cleaned off and we were seated, he returned, making a scene about them clearing his table while he was in the restroom. He sat down and demanded another drink to replace the one they supposedly took away. Meanwhile, his coworkers were supposedly in the car waiting on him. After about five minutes, they too showed up, and thankfully they were much nicer than their “pal” (and very obviously didn’t want to be hanging out with him – awkward…). Finally, several outlandish stories later, he left, much to our relief! No pictures to document this evening, as I left my phone at home – sorry! Just believe me, it was a very awkward adventure.

The whole reason I was in Stillwater this weekend was for an event for work! It ended up being a great time and I had so much fun with coworkers, even though I was beyond exhausted by the time it was over. I love my job so much that the tiredness and the wind that made my hair gross didn’t even really matter, though I will say, my bed never has looked so inviting. 🙂

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