If you’ll remember, I took the plunge a few months ago and bought an iPad and I have openly admitted my love for MacBooks and my need desire to buy one soon. Apple fanboys/girls, you will all be happy to know I also ordered the iPhone 5 on Monday. So, in my long wait to get my phone, I of course have to decide how I will dress said phone. I this decision, I have been met with a problem: there are SO MANY cute cases!!!! So, I need some help. Below you will see a few of the front runners the millions of cases that are all tied for the top few spots. I do have an idea of which one I want to order, but I need confirmation, because I have received conflicting opinions from trusted advisors, aka my besties.

1. Leopard

2. Chevron

3. Mint chevron

4. Aqua damask

5. Dot monogram

6. Casemate cheetah stripe

7. Orange lightning

8. Dark flower

9. Otterbox Commuter

10. Monogram Whale

11. Vineyard Vines

12. Candy shell

13. Smart Flex with card holder

14. Kate Spade Harrison Stripe

15. Casemate monogram stripe

Do you see why I am having such a hard time deciding??? Now. Give me your opinions. Top three if possible, because I can’t decide and I can’t buy them all unfortunately. Thanks ahead of time for the help, my friends.

5 thoughts on “Decisions

    • shaeken says:

      Thank you for your input steph! 🙂 I still haven’t decided, haha. I will probably order multiples and change it to match my outfit!

    • shaeken says:

      I still haven’t decided! That’s my only problem with 7, other than I want the circle in a different color. I am leaning toward one though… i’ll be sure to share 🙂

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