Weekend {flashback}

You know those weekends that are completely gorgeous yet you end up hibernating all. weekend. long? Welcome to my weekend, because that is exactly what happened, thanks to a dumb sinus infection.

Friday night I met my parents and brothers for dinner on the way home from work, and I am pretty sure there is a good chance I was in bed by 9pm. Thankfully it was an away game for my beloved Cowboys (more on them later) because missing a game just isn’t an option, so I have had all weekend to rest up. Saturday there is a high likelihood I slept until 10am. Okay, I won’t lie. I did sleep until 10am. That’s 13 hours of sleep that theoretically should have made me feel better, right? No! What kind of joke is this?

I woke up to decent-ish news though, because overnight a deal had been arranged between the PAC12 network and Dish Network to show the OSU game. After a minute of panic over having Directv, I remembered my grandparents do have Dish, and though they were out of town, I decided they were going to be hosting me for the night (thanks Ganddad and Grandma!!).

If you watched the game, you will know why I am completely okay with the fact that I fell asleep before halftime. It was just sad and nothing could go right it seemed. Very, very unfortunate. For more thoughts from someone who actually talks about sports for real, visit PFB. Although it was a sad loss, I stand behind the Cowboys and know they can and will improve as the season goes on. I am proud to wear orange!


Speaking of orange, I have a few former Cowboys on my fantasy team! I’m not entirely sure how well I actually am doing this week, but when my last game is played I will be sure to update. I do know Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon, unfortunately, did not score me many points today.

Of course, there was a little more to my weekend than football and sleeping. I needed to buy presents, so, during all the downtime I had, I turned to my iPad for some online shopping. During my online shopping, I decided to buy a slipcover for my couch so I can use the cute pillows I recently bought and make everything in there match a little more. I realized after picking out the cover that I just needed to spend $8 to get free shipping. Note to self: don’t waste time looking for something to save on shipping if you will end up spending more in tax + items than shipping! Of course, I got distracted in my looking and had a little bit of a childhood flashback. Thankfully, modern technology exists & my dear Caylee was able to experience this flashback with me via text. High points included below.

S: “So Target sells scrunchies.”
C: “dislike they need to discontinue those”
S: “yeah. Who even buys them?” (I tell Caylee about my $8 problem and continue to get lost in the target website)
C: “lol normally you’re pretty good at spending money at target.”

S: “also furbys are coming back.”
C: “WHAT I hate those things they are freaky.”
S: “yeah CREEPY. Target’s ad says to brush up on your furbish.”
C: “hopefully they won’t catch on.”

Parents: no matter how much your tiny humans say they want a Furby, don’t buy them one. They are creepy and weird and don’t serve any kind of purpose whatsoever other than to be annoying and scare people. Just don’t do it. Please.

PS thank you mom for making me mashed potatoes every day since I’ve been sick. You are the best. Even if you did buy me a Furby as a child.


2 thoughts on “Weekend {flashback}

  1. stephbowen14 says:

    Love it! I also had a Furby! I can’t believe I actually wanted one. It would go off in the middle of the night and scare me. I swear that thing was watching me while I slept haha
    P.S. I have a feeling our Cowboys will come back strong this weekend!!! 🙂

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