{Current Favorites}

Being home sick today gave me time to lay in bed. After doing actual work from 8-5 (hooray for remote log in!) I had inspiration to continue doing a little work. Sometimes work comes in the form of designing things (like those matchy-matchy heart shaped social buttons in the sidebar. I’m still working on the rest of the sidebar!), sometimes it comes in the form of designing websites (like I did this evening too) and sometimes it means working on relaxing – in the form of Pinterest and talking with friends (even if you barely have a voice).

Since Pinterest made it into my evening (duh), I thought I’d share some current favorite Pinterest finds.


Present that will likely be given soon:


Hairstyle that needs to be on my head:

Source: imgfave.com via Shae on Pinterest


(PS I forgot to tell you all – I have dark hair again!)

Thing I wish everyone would get behind:

Source: gsfb.org via Shae on Pinterest


Outfit that needs to be in my wardrobe:


Favorite new shoes:


(PS Thanks for the help picking them out Laine!)

Blog you must have bookmarked (hello, it’s football season!)


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