Shaeken Em Up

I am pretty sure all of you have gathered by now that I seriously love Oklahoma State football. If you have known me for long, you’ll know my understanding of football has only come in recent years (like during my college days) and if you know me really well, you’ll know fantasy football nearly drove me nuts last year. So me with a fantasy team seemed highly unlikely. Pinterest was more than enough.

However, when little brother creates a fantasy football league, who am I to say no? Especially when some of my favorite players ever are now in the NFL (#Weeden2Blackmon). So I joined his league and team Shaeken Em Up was born.

Now, my first thought was “Oh I will just draft all the OSU players and have an alumni team!” I soon realized that wouldn’t work, due to the other OSU fans and first time fantasy people in the league.

{also, see this.}

My next thought was to draft by level of attractiveness. This idea was quickly nixed when I remembered that I haven’t seen the faces of most NFL players. Drafting players with the coolest name was also an idea, but that just didn’t seem very logical (yes my logic took awhile to kick in).

So, naturally, I did some studying (especially since I miss school and studying so much…) and tried to determine who the best players would be. This still wasn’t working out well for me, because there are too many opinions on the Internet about who to draft and why…I just wanted a clear cut answer.

Well, yesterday was finally draft day, meaning it was time to fill my team. I ranked the players I wanted, 1-25, as suggested in one of the articles I read. Then I realized, about 20 minutes before the draft started, that other people could pick those players, because putting them in the order I wanted didn’t ensure they would be mine! This caused a little panic when I realized I would likely have to pick players on the fly during the draft and I couldn’t remember a word I had heard on the Sports Animal recently. Thankfully I had a friend who was more than willing to answer more than a few questions. And although I might have drafted one too many wide receivers, I have decided that my team is nonetheless awesome. It doesn’t hurt that a few Cowboy alumni grace the roster as well.

So, in case any of you were wondering about the important details, our team colors are orange and glitter. Because yes, glitter is in fact a color in my world.

Oh, you wanted to know who my players are? K.

In my fantasy dream team, Weeden and Blackmon would never be separated. What’s that? This is a fantasy team? Well good news… I picked Mr. Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon! Hey Gundy, want to be my assistant?

Another former Cowboy, Brandon Pettigrew, will be playing on my team too!

Thanks to my dear mom and brother, Dan Bailey, Dez Bryant, Josh Cooper and Kendall Hunter were snatched (see above, where I thought I could claim all the players I wanted). However, the rest of my team is looking pretty good, and once I learn more about all of them, I will do my best to give a proper introduction.

Guys, I am really excited about football season. Mostly Cowboy football (FIVE DAYS), but this fantasy football thing will let the excitement last all week long. I hope you all remember to wear orange every day this week! I’ll be wearing the shoes from this post!


2 thoughts on “Shaeken Em Up

  1. kimbojo says:

    You are so lucky I didn’t know how to do the draft on my first pick, since I was first, or you would not be taunting me with Weeden!

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