phi lamb

Long, long ago (okay, only a couple of years), I was a student at Oklahoma State University. Life was wonderful, and people were wonderful, and I made a decision that would be one of the best ever.

I went to Willard Hall on a Monday night to learn about this group called Sigma Phi Lambda, and a few days later, I made the decision to join this awesome group of girls who were so completely in love with Jesus.

My life has never been the same.

Phi Lamb was more than just a group of friends I would meet with every week to worship our Savior, and it was more than “the Christian sorority” to me, although those aspects are important. Through Phi Lamb activities, I met some of the most important people in my life. I was given more opportunities than I could have ever imagined, I grew spiritually, I was challenged and I felt as though my phamily was a place I truly belonged.

I could go on for ages about all the great impacts Phi Lamb had. Ladies, if you are at OSU (or know someone who is) – I encourage you to check them out this week – especially if you are looking for a place you belong. This is a group of ladies waiting with open arms to love you and experience life with you.










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