happy friday, guys.

In my return to blogging (you know, from that week and a half leave absence I took), I thought I’d share some current favorites and things I’m looking forward to.

This beautiful weather we’re having has me thinking of fall… hot chocolate, late nights enjoying the outside and football! Fall’s clothes are super cute, all warm and layer-y. This is probably my favorite fall outfit on Pinterest so far (BONUS: I have everything needed to recreate this outfit hanging in my closet. Boom!).

Source: pin4fun5885.blogspot.com via Shae on Pinterest

Favorite realization of the week: I will be back in Stillwater in 7 days. Goodness, I love that town, and all the people who come with it. Why will I be in Stillwater? Oh, well, only the thing I’ve been counting down for since the Fiesta Bowl ended earlier this year. It’s happening in EIGHT DAYS.


In anticipation of football season {meaning #OrangeFriday at the office}, I ordered some new shoes, which will be in just in time to wear next week!

Today, my baby youngest brother goes back to the doctor to find out what’s going on with his shoulder. He’s a trooper, for all the pain he’s going through. Say a special prayer for him.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Uninspired, but it’s a post. I’ll get back to it soon, for real, with awesome posts and millions of great things to say. In the meantime, you should all blog so I can just read your stuff and think about how awesome you are. Cool?


3 thoughts on “happy friday, guys.

  1. Kim says:

    love the outfit and love the shoes!!
    it took me a long time to start appreciating seasons but what’s not to love about boots and long cardis and scarves??

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