Remember me?

Dear blog friends,
Sorry I abandoned you for the last week and a half. My excuses, while weak, would sound something like “I got really, really busy” – but isn’t that everyone’s excuse? I’ll get back to business this week. Deal? Cool. Meanwhile, here are some of the high notes:

My dear twin Lori Jo had her baby! Tate is one incredible baby and I am so excited for Lori. She is already showing off her Awesome Mommy skills with that kid. Clearly, I am a proud “Auntie” 🙂

Last weekend, I went to Tulsa to the PBR with Caylee, Maureen & Kim! There’s just something about those long eight seconds that get me every time…it is so exciting.

I got to spend time with Pailynn & her parents, Katie & Jared! We went to dinner & shopping. You should understand that if a child wants something and I have the power to spoil them give it to them, they will get it. Pailynn wanted a sock monkey, so clearly, she got a sock monkey. 🙂

Apparently I am becoming a professional air traveler. Except maybe not. At any rate, I made a trip to Austin last week for work. I only took one Texas-y picture the entire time I was down there, while standing in the airport security line on the way home (#bloggerfail). Kiera asked me if I was excited for my first business trip – I think she expected mine to be as exciting as her parents’ or my dad’s…Singapore, Vegas, etc. While Austin might not be the exotic destination she had in mind, it was, overall, a good trip, and I learned a lot. And, in case you all aren’t aware, I really love my new job.

Yes, that picture is purposely a lot bigger than anything else on the page. I just love Stillwater that much. This weekend, I headed north to Stillwater for a quick visit. In just 11 days, I will be back up, and in 12 days, cheering on my Cowboys again. I seriously cannot wait. Football season has become my favorite, not just because of all the orange and excitement, but because it means I get to go to my favorite town almost every weekend for a few months. There’s nowhere quite like the place you make your best friends and memories.

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