The Metro

Surely you’ve all heard of the Metro. Oh, you’re thinking of OKC? No, no. I mean the other metro – the Minco Metro. Though I’ve been there many times over the years – stock shows, #TwinTime, athletic events – I’ve never had The Official Minco Tour, and because of the conversations had that evening, Minco will now forever be known as the Metro to me.

Friday night, Lori Jo and I had Grady’s for dinner and were watching a Redbox movie when her craving hit (#PreggoProbs). For those of you who don’t know, Lori has wanted one thing for her entire pregnancy the last three months – snow cones. So, off we went to get her one.

There were fires all around the state on Friday*, so we went to Moon Tower to look at the smoke making its way across the sky. Mind you, I’d never heard of Moon Tower, so when she told me to drive to it, I had no idea where to go. It was at that instant that she decided to give me a tour of the Minco Metropolitan area.

When we go snow skiing, my family plays this game called “windmill.” It’s basically slug bug, minus punching and with windmills instead of cars. I don’t know why, but our family just loves this game. So, imagine my excitement when we don’t just drive by the Minco Metro Wind Farm (I’m not sure of the official name, so here’s my vote), but we go smack dab to the middle of it! I could have won the game for sure. We also happened to be there as the sun was setting, which meant it was absolutely beautiful.

On our tour, I learned where Lori’s cousin lives…and her other cousin…and her other cousin…and her other cousin…and her other cousin…and so on. I’m pretty sure she is related to literally everyone in Minco. I also learned the grocery store burned down two years ago (I had NO idea and thought for sure it was still standing.) and that Minco has two gas stations.

So, Minconians (is that what you’re all called?), what is the one thing in town I need to see? And if you don’t live in Minco, when are you giving me a tour of your hometown? You have high standards to meet!

*Speaking of the fires – pray for rain on the dry land, for the firemen battling the flames, and for the families living in the areas near the fires!

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