First order of business – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kiera Faith!!!! I can’t believe you are so grown up. I really thought I took this picture yesterday, but I guess it’s been a few years. 🙂 I love you and I am so thankful to be your cousin.

Next up – can I reiterate how much I LOVE the OKC Thunder?

Via their Facebook page:

In this intense heat, firefighters across Oklahoma need your help. Donate water and Gatorade at your local volunteer fire station. Thunder brought a big shipment of Gatorade to Amber FD in rural Grady County today. GM Sam Presti: “It’s part of being a community partner, helping when there’s a need.”

The OKC Thunder visited the tiny town a few miles southwest of me to deliver much needed Gatorade yesterday. How needed? Well, according to some pretty reputable sources, the FD was down to their last bottles of water – for the year. As a volunteer group, they get a certain amount, and when they’re out, they’re out. Well, the Thunder have long said “Team is ONE” and this is one great example of going out of their way to demonstrate.

Now, onto more funsies. Mr. Wilkerson at Transformation Martial Arts has started this class that I fondly refer to as “HolyCowWhatAFreakingWorkout,” better known as Power Toning. A few of my blog friends have truly been a great motivation to get more active, and when I heard about this class from my mom/brother, I thought it sounded like just the thing. I was picturing ballet moves, yoga, pilates, etc. Uhm…I couldn’t be more wrong. Try 30 minutes of non-stop ridiculousness, minus the 60-seconds he counts down for us to take a break in the middle. Not that I’m complaining, because good soreness is typically an indicator of something working, but man. I will say I am truly enjoying the class so far and I love that it is a total body workout. If you’re around Chickasha I definitely recommend looking into it!

Yeah – I think I’ll stick to Mr. Wilkerson’s class!!

2 thoughts on “Thunderstruck

  1. Tiffany says:

    I love that running photo. I’ve used it on my blog before–cracks me up every time. I do know the Norvells!! Tyler was one of my best friends in college. Such a small world!


    • shaeken says:

      I think your blog was where I first saw it! I found a crunches one with an awkward cat too but it wouldn’t let me embed it, sadly.

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