what I’m loving

I’m a little late to the #WhatImLovingWednedsay party, but I think we all know I like to make my entrances memorable. But now you have it, at long last, things I’m loving this week. Hooray!

1. I’m pretty sure I’ve said something about it before, but theBalm’s Staniac is awesome. I don’t like lip things to be heavy, to be sticky or to leave awkwardly in the middle of the day. This stuff meets all my expectations and then some.
theBalm Staniac

2. These boots. I don’t even have the words to say how much I love/need them. I was just telling Caylee and Kim how badly I need a pair of black boots, and these would be the perfect pair.

Source: bootbarn.com via Shae on Pinterest

3. Fall outfits that I can recreate with things already in my closet!

Source: polyvore.com via Harper on Pinterest

4. This song.

And last, but certainly not least…
5. Cowboy football season is one month away!!!!

2 thoughts on “what I’m loving

    • shaeken says:

      I agree – they are a necessity! I almost bought the brown ones last night (pointy toe with the logo branded(?) on) but they aren’t as awesome. And I CAN’T WAIT… I am seriously considering wearing orange every day from now until gameday. Let me know if you come up!!

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