The time we made the Internet believe Lori was in labor*

Sunday, Lori and I were having some QTT (Quality Twin Time) and celebrating her birthday (hey, it’s only about a month late, alright?). It was a marvelous afternoon full of laughter and Olympic watching. Audrey came by on her way home, and this is when Lori gave us The Scare.

“Ouch. There’s a pain right here.” (points to Tate, who currently resides in her tummy).

None of the three of us have children so we don’t know what labor feels like. Clearly, there is cause for concern considering Lori went six months without even knowing she was expecting, so her not knowing what labor is wouldn’t be a surprise. Oh, and I was NOT about to experience Tate’s delivery in Lori’s living room. Naturally, in our time of need, I turned to Twitter.

This, of course, got a few people worried. So, when Lori began getting messages about it, we decided a disclaimer was necessary.

Don’t worry. We have now learned Lori’s bellybutton going numb is not labor.

We also asked Twitter about the rules to Water Polo. Though we got no answer (so help if you can), the reason we asked is because if this face is necessary during the game, it must be pretty darn epic game.

I mean, for real?!

Moving on. Lori’s one craving has been snow cones. Considering it’s summertime, I will fully support my dear twin any time she gets this craving. Let’s be honest – I would support snow cones year round. They’re just so darn good! Today, after much discussion about which snow cone stand would be open, we finally decided to drive to Chickasha to get a good one. As we were enjoying our treats, Lori decided that when I (hypothetically) get married, I need to have wedding cake flavored snow cones in lieu of actual cake. Wondering if it’d ever been done, I turned to Google.

Clearly, I could top that. On the birthday celebration front, if you see Lori walking around Minco, America with a blue floppy hat on, don’t look at her like she’s crazy. She’s just pretending to be on the beach soaking up the sun, which is a story for another post.

*Fortunately for you, this post is even true! Ahem.

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