Amarillo by morning

As you might remember, My Uncle Bob came to town last week and part of the agenda included a trip to Texas. Yesterday, it happened.

We started the morning an hour late bright and early and from the start it was clear this was going to be an adventurous road trip – Momma and Uncle Bob were having “discussions” just five miles in!


After several hours (and only a couple of stops!), we made it to Amarillo, where we were eating lunch. I was quite surprised Kaden didn’t attempt the 72 ounce steak at the Big Texan! 🙂 For those of you who haven’t visited the Big Texan, their menus are giant $100 bills. Kale found these quite fascinating and asked me if this is what a $100 bill looked like in Texas, since everything is bigger there!


From Amarillo, we headed to Dumas to pick up JerBear’s jeep. After a short wait at the car shop, we were headed home. If you follow me on Twitter, you saw a few quotes from my Grandpa and Uncle Bob. They argued the whole way home about which direction we were going…oddly, even in my half awake state, I knew to just follow the OKC signs 🙂


Texas, it was a quick trip, but as always, a good one. This one was especially exciting because bringing home Bear’s jeep means Bear is coming back to Oklahoma soon! I can’t wait to see him and watch more of his baseball games.


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