Fantastic Friday.

If I thought the weekend was good, I had no idea what was coming for me this week.

I was working on this little project for work involving being social. It isn’t implemented yet or I would tell you what it is. Just know that creaking the code of Facebook is no simple task and yet I did it on a MONDAY before noon.



You know I built a fort with Lori, but when I got home from Lori’s house (and as I was finishing my blog about it), my daddy got home from his quick trip to California. My mom had told me my dad was bringing me a surprise. Logically, I assumed he was bringing a live animal, like a polar bear. But the surprise I got was even better:

Uncle Bob!!!! He is in town to watch one of his friend’s daughters play softball and tomorrow, we are road tripping to Texas to pick up JerBear’s jeep, which is finally fixed!

I finally got to wear my favorite shoes again! It has been forever since these awesome, height-increasing heels made their way out of my closet. But this week, they did, and it was great.

We also found out my Aunt Pam – who had brain surgery two weeks ago – is coming HOME FROM Arizona!!! She is doing incredibly well and this is just an answer to prayer. God is good.

And another answer to prayer, finally, almost 1,000 days after my accident, I can say I am good. I went to the doctor on Monday for my 6-week post surgery check up and was told I have a great wrist and I don’t need to come back, which I think means my wrist is healed and I won’t have any issues. 🙂 it has been a long road but I am thankful for every mile of it.

What made your week fantastic?


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