The time we built a fort*

Once upon the time, there were two friends. Their names were Lori and Shae and they were so alike they were practically twins.

One day, Lori found out she was going to soon have a tiny human. Weeks passed, and preparations were made. Lori’s friends threw a party, she decorated a nursery and she ate a lot of sno cones.

As the day Tiny Human Ninja Tate was coming drew near, Lori and Shae discovered they needed to revisit childhood to ensure Lori was well prepared for motherhood. (except let’s be honest…they hadn’t grown up anyway!)

On the evening of July 24, Lori and Shae built an epic blanket fort, like the kind you see on Pinterest.


They also put terrible makeup on each other, from a Barbie case, because that is what kids do. They watched The Little Mermaid and sang and danced. They dressed Lori’s dog, Harley, in crazy tutu outfits and read stories. They colored everything with glitter and wore gigantic bows.

And then, at the end of the evening, they took this picture, where they both (appropriately) look like 12 year olds.


As you can tell, Lori is now well prepared to have Tate join the world.

*And in case you we’re wondering, this was all make believe. We were boring old ladies who watched tv and talked about knitting nothing. Although with this great imagination, I would say Lori is still pretty well prepared, even if we didn’t make a blanket fort!

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