Have you ever had one of those weekends that can only be described as solid? It was great, in every way. You spent it with great people, started it well, had great stories, and ended on a high note? I certainly hope so. If not, you should hang out with me more, because I have so many of these weekends that I’m beginning to think I somehow create them.

The weekend was spent in Tulsa for Caylee’s birthday, which automatically upped the awesome factor. Remember, if you will, my love for birthdays.

The weekend started off with a thankful-for-life drive when we decided to let Caylee’s niece drive through the neighborhood…at night. She’s learning to drive and for some dumb crazy reason, Caylee had me sit in front. Thankfully, we only hit two curbs and only spent half the time on the wrong side of the road. Even more thankfully, there was no traffic and she still has another year to practice! 🙂 (PS – I’m sure she’ll be great once she’s actually driving!)

Saturday was a shopping adventure with Caylee and Kim. We went to a western store in Tulsa (I think, I couldn’t figure out the Tulsa/Broken Arrow divider for the life of me) where they both bought their first pair of real boots!!

This made me incredibly proud, especially considering Caylee has been planted in a small town in Texas for the last year and a half for her job and hasn’t owned a pair. I tried convincing her that people in town would know if she didn’t wear boots. She didn’t believe me. I also instructed her to do the friendly wave at every person she passes. I’m still not sure if she followed those instructions.

Saturday night, I had a conversation with Colin consisting only of Garth Brooks song titles, which is enough to make any weekend awesome.

Sunday, I got up at 6am, watched an Oklahoma Sunrise and drove to Stillwater to spend the day with friends. It was such a refreshing day, even if I was in town for less than 10 hours, only saw three people and didn’t get a Barn coke! Sunday night, I spent the evening working in the barn with my mom, dad and youngest brother. Kale was teaching me what to do, and was a great teacher. I’m pretty sure I could make cattle beds like a pro if I tried. His dancing skills, however, could use a little work!

How was your weekend?

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