A happy Monday indeed.

By starting Monday off with anticipation of Cowboy Football, I knew it was going to be good. But Mondays are always a bit better when they include presents, right?

When I got home Monday, I saw a hot pink box with my name on it sitting on the counter waiting to be opened. Oh, Birchbox, you seriously have great timing, my friend. I’m always excited for your arrival, even on the months that you bring less than over the top exciting products. In the past, you have brought me Staniac, Twistbands, awesome travel wipes, fancy zip lock bags, super soft lip stain and much more. But this month you really, really outdid yourself.

This month brought stila lip glaze – a wonderful full size product!

Along with that, a rather interesting perfume, that surprisingly I liked, though it may be a little strong.

I also got green tea blotting linens and green tea mints, and both are full size!

I also got a gloss treatment for my hair that should last several uses, and a super special treat of Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds! I always love it when they include bonus treats.

I know, I know. You’re super jealous that I get all these awesome presents every month and you don’t. Before you come steal my beautiful box, I have a present for you! Just use this link to sign up for Birchbox! It’s only $10 a month, and clearly worth it. It seriously is such a happy surprise to find in the mail. If you don’t want to do the year-long commitment like I did, you can still sign up for shorter increments and get all the cool products. But I’m pretty sure you’ll want to do the year-long subscription, so you might as well do it from the start.

If you’re already a subscriber, what’s your favorite thing from this month’s box?!


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