Aunt Pam

When I think of my Aunt Pam, I don’t just think of my grandma’s sister-in-law. No, our family doesn’t work like that. Our family is close, and we are in each other’s lives and business no matter if we like it or not. So, when I think of my beautiful Aunt Pam, I think of one of the strongest ladies I know. No matter what has come, she has faced the day head on. Bad circumstances have never gotten to her positive attitude for longer than a split second. She has incredibly strong faith. Aunt Pam’s laugh, smile and jokes are always quick to come. She is a teacher and counselor by profession, a caregiver and good friend by nature. She is the best decorator I know – if the TV networks pick up on her I’m quite certain Martha Stewart will be sent packing.

Today I ask you to pray for my Aunt Pam. Today she will have surgery to remove one of three brain bleeds. Thankfully, she is at the exact place our family has learned she needs to be – in Phoenix, under the care of the best doctors.

Please join me in praying for my aunt today. Also remember her doctors and the team of medical professionals who will be performing surgery and providing care for her after, along with her family and others who made the trip to Phoenix to be with her.

I have full confidence that God will not give her any more than He can handle. He has already shown his faithfulness and power.

Aunt Pam, I would say don’t give the doctors too much trouble, but I think we all know that’d be like spitting in the wind. I love you!

Kaden, Aunt Pam and Momma on the 4th of July

Aunt Bettie, Aunt Pam and Grandma Nett in Phoenix

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