Sewing for babies?

Last night on Pinterest, I stumbled across a slightly disturbing pin.

30+ easy sewing projects for babies

In case you don’t see anything wrong with that sentence, let me help you out.


Now, I don’t know much about tiny human raising, but that, my friends, seems potentially dangerous. Since Lori posted it on one of her Pinboards, I felt the need to let her know my concern, in case she was planning to let Baby Ninja start sewing as an infant.

Clearly, I got my “point” across. And because I was so excited about how funny I was, I texted Lori to make sure she would go on and look at my comment. Because, you know, the email notification she would receive wouldn’t be enough. Duh.

And in case anyone was wondering/concerned, Lori is not planning to teach Tate how to sew on Day 1. That day is reserved for bull riding lessons. 🙂

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