I love at sporting events (more accurately, OSU Football games) when everyone sings the National Anthem together prior to the start of the game. I always, without fail, regardless of who is singing, get chills when ‘O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?’ is sang. So no wonder Independence Day is my favorite holiday…well, that and the glitter in the sky (fireworks) and the day of pool time.

This year was the first in several years I haven’t had to work on the Fourth, and although I have always got to watch fireworks while at work, I was glad to get to spend the day my way.

Clearly, the day started out with appropriate baking and nail painting.

Our family and friends came out to eat, and oh my, we were hooked up. From burgers, hot dogs, hot links and brats on the grill to all sorts of fruit and dessert, we had quite a spread. The peaches were from my grandparent’s tree and the ice cream was deliciously brain-freeze inducing.

We also enjoyed quality pool time and the company of great people.

Of course, it’s not the fourth unless the sky is raining glitter. Right after tweeting this two fireworks came straight for the crowd…clearly next year we will remember that we need real adults to supervise. This little black dot hit me in the head.

To finish the night, we swam until midnight. Which would have been awesome if I hadn’t had to get up this morning for work…On second thought, it was awesome anyway.

America, thanks for the birthday party invitation.


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