If I ever get back to Oklahoma, gonna nail my feet to the ground.

Just a few hours ago I told you that I was on my way to meet my family on vacation.


I haven’t quiiiiiiiiiiiiite made it.

My flight was OKC to Chicago to St. Louis. We landed in Chicago to beautiful low eighties weather, clear skies and a perfect landing. Seriously, that pilot knew what he was doing. Get off the plane. On the Tarmac. I felt like a celebrity, sunglasses and all. I case. You didn’t guess by the deplaning method, our plane was tiny. Nt my favorite, but hey. So far so good.

Apparently everyone from my plane and in my terminal was in a hurry to make a connecting flight, because everyone was running. Like full on running. With their bags, not walking or apologizing for running into people, running. No speed walking. So what do I do? Well, when in Rome. I run. Awkwardly, because I had a two carry on bags (the retro metro weekender and Cindy tote. Buy them here.) and the big one was really heavy. Then I get out of my terminal and everyone suddenly stops running. my mom foud this story hilarious. Maybe I told it better to her, because reading it just sounds lame. So ask her.

So I eventually make it to my terminal, which, by the way, was on the OPPOSITE end of the airport. I only got lost once, and it doesn’t really count because I didn’t have to ask for directions. I go to the counter, get my seat assignment and go to the charging station to plug in my phone, which has recently decided not to hold a charge for more than about six hours. Around 9:30, my flight is delayed an hour, so not a big deal. Departing at 11:05, there by midnightish. Then the board updates again with a note saying they’re waiting on the plane/crew. Around 10:30, the flight is delayed until 12:35, still waiting on the plane to even show up. I call my parents to update them, since they’re coming to pick me up at the STL airport. A bit later, I go up to the counter to find out the status of the flight…like, hey, if I need a hotel room, I want it now. They tell me it looks like the flight will likely be cancelled and they’re looking at other flights for us. No sooner do I leave the counter than do they get a call saying the flights have been canceled. Apparently there’d is high wind somewhere, and it had been lightening in Chicago. I get booked on a flight at 6:51(!) and head back to the charging station to plug in my dying phone and find a hotel. After a bit of confusion, I book a room at the closest Sheraton. My poor parents – my phone died, I’m in a strange city, I’m on the hunt for a bus to take me to a hopefully decent hotel and I’ve had a day. I did call them quickly from the United phone, and upon hanging up, the sweet gentlemen working the counter told me to not talk to strangers and be alert, which is pretty much exactly what my mom said just seconds before.

Though many people were too busy running to even smile, every employee I encountered (airline and hotel) was so kind and helpful. Customer service counts.

Thankfully, I made friends with a sweet older couple who were headed to my hotel as well. We stuck together and eventually made it. After checking in, I head to my room…and my key doesn’t work. Of course, like it would work on the first try after the day I’ve had. Back downstairs I go – carrying my heavy bags. The lady at the front desk confirms my room & back up I go, joined by the kind front desk lady. Because I have been so successful at everything else, clearly the key worked for her. Not. so, back downstairs. She books me into a different room, takes me back up, and opens the door. Hooray!!!

Holy. Moley. This room is gigantic.

And I’m stopping there for tonight, because I have to be up in 2.5 hours and I’d like to experience this humongous bed. My adrenaline rush from the flight drama literally just wore off. I would be a good blogger and attach pictures, except I don’t feel like it. So, rain check, and you’ll get a photographic report of these events within a week. And also, I may be rambling. I can’t tell. Alright. Goodnight, y’all.

Important: everyone at United Airlines and Sheraton was so nice. Thanks for making this delay manageable 🙂


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