And go.

I have 20 minutes to write this before Will Rogers makes me pay for WiFi access. What, no free WiFi, OKC? #notcool. Anyway, onward. I’ve already wasted 30 precious seconds.

Several bloggers do a high five/what I’m loving Friday, and because this week has been so awesome, I’m joining them. #peerpressure.

1. Skype
My family went on vacation, without me, this week. How dare them! 😉 however, thanks to modern technology, we stayed connected. I got to see the train car they stayed in the first night, and we all got to laugh at Molly trying to figure out why mom and dad were in the screen.

Also, don’t worry, I’m not totally left out, I’m flying to meet them right now!

2. Big little dates
Yesterday was awesome and gets two posts. This is part one. I haven’t got to see my adopted little Conner since… Christmas. We finally got to hang out over McAlister’s grilled cheese sandwiches last night. Conner, hang out again, soon, please. Actually you don’t get a choice 🙂

3. Pug snugs
Molly was missing mom, dad and the boys, so I got a million snuggles from her cute little self, which totally made me smile. There’s nothing cuter than a little pug face.

4. New job
So, I started a new job this week (which is why my family went on vacation without me). So far it has been so awesome. A little overwhelming at first, about I think that is to be expected. By day 2, I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be, and more importantly, nowhere else I was supposed to be. It is perfect.

5. LAINEY TIME!!!!!!
Last night, Laine and I went to the Randy Rogers Band show at Riverwind. It was so fun, mostly because I was with one of my favorite people. We always have the best time and the best talks, and there’s nothing better than good music with a great friend.


Okay, my flight is boarding and my WiFi is about to be revoked. Wheels up to Chicago!

PS – I love my iPad too.

Update: Chicago doesn’t even give you 20 free minutes, and I’m stuck here for two hours before my next flight. Oklahoma, you win. and so does 4g tethering from my phone.


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