Bursting with sparkles

Last night was one of those nights that you’re just so thankful for and so happy to be living that you could burst with sparkles. Oh, you’ve never felt that way? Okay, let me describe it differently. Last night was awesome.

When I got home, I asked Daddy if he would mind saddling the horses and helping me out with them because Laine was going to come ride with me. Now, my Daddy is a busy man – he works with people on the opposite side of the world, and is such an awesome boss that he works on their timezone. This means every Wednesday night he has meetings with those team members. Even though dad might have needed to be prepping for his meetings, he said he’d help me. He also has hurt his ribs, so I’m sure saddling the horses isn’t exactly on the top of his fun list right now. But I have the most selfless dad, and not only did he help me catch, saddle (okay, he did that part) and warm up the horses, he stayed out there to make sure Laine and I didn’t get in over our heads with the horses, who were being a little sassy. Daddy, I can’t say enough how thankful I am that God picked you to be my dad.

To add to the bursting with sparkles, Laine was the person I got to ride horses with last night. We’d been talking for forever about how he needed to come down and ride them, but just hadn’t made it happen. We are both busy people, you know! But we finally got the chance, and I’ve already decided he has no choice but to come back to ride again (I just won’t put you on Princess next time, Lainey!). Laine is a rare treasure of a friend who I can talk to about everything under the sun and be 100 percent Shae around. Ladies, you all need a friend like him, a friend who will encourage you and tell you how awesome you are, and really mean it. A friend who will stick around no matter how much of a brat you are, because we all know we have our moments. 🙂

Riding with Laine, 6/20/12

Fly Over States


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