Today we are all celebrating our dad. I hope my dad understands this isn’t just a once a year thing, but that I am thankful for him every day.

Daddy, you are a leader in many aspects, but most important to me, the leader of our family. You’ve taught me many things over the years, including dedication, determination and how to be a nerd. Your love for Momma teaches me what kind of man I want to have some day in my life, and your love for me and the boys has shaped me into the lady I am. You have been an incredible Daddy from day 1, and I am so thankful to be your daughter. Though we have certainly had our moments in the sheep barn, I wouldn’t trade one second of time I have spent with you to be anywhere else. Thank you for letting me still sit in your lap, for never being too busy to give your Sugar Bear a hug, and being understanding when I’m having one of those days. I look forward to the many more memories and adventures we will have. I’m so blessed to be your little girl.

Ilove you Daddy. Happy Father’s Day.





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