Backyard Makeover

There was never anything particularly wrong with our backyard, but it could have just been better. So, for the last two weekends, we’ve been bettering it!

I guess technically the bettering started when we added a nice cover to our patio. That brought cushion-y chairs and a more modern way to so s’mores. ((yum))

Anyway, the recent bettering started with the outside kid table, which was, at one time, a cute little table with matching chairs. Over time it started breaking and the paint chipped away. Thanks to Pinterest I was inspired to do a little DIY makeover. The results? Much better than the original and definitely a good attempt for my first outdoors Pinterest project!

I also repainted two metal chairs – they were a gross red, and now are blue and silver.

After that, I decided to tackle the fence around the pool. It was one of those white plastic-y fences, like this. Mom and I had discussed several times how we needed to do something different with it, so with no real plan, I began taking the panels down.

Kale soon came to help me, explaining “power tools are for men.”

Considering I’m not 100% sure what I was using was even called, that was probably smart (kidding). We got all the panels down and gave them away the next day. Today, mom, dad and the boys started taking the posts down – apparently they are cemented into the ground. I’m out on that! The result is going to be a nice open area around our pool, and I’m so excited! Many more days like this will be spent out there in the near future.


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