Memorial day part 2: Lake & Lori

Like I said, my weekend was so great that it requires three posts. I took so many pictures.

Saturday morning, I got to go have lunch with my twin, Lori Jo. This was also my first time to actually officially “meet” Ninja Baby! Now that I’m not keeping secrets from you, blog world, I can share my excitement for Lori and the tiny human she’s going to have! We ate at Grady’s Pub & Grille (#GPG), and again it was so delicious. I had the grilled onion and pickle burger, and Lori had a plain burger. We absolutely loved our meal! I’m excited that Tuttle has a place like GPG; it’s been much needed for a long time. I love the atmosphere, and of course it’s very convenient that all the TV’s are showing sports. Maybe the best part is the staff – every single employee I’ve encountered delivers great customer service with a smile. The Paxton’s have done an incredible job with this restaurant and I look forward to enjoying many more meals there.

The view from Grady’s window…hello, Main Street!

After lunch, I headed to the lake to see Kiera my family. Trapaw, Aunt Kandi, Uncle Aaron, Kiera and I went fishing, and I must say, Kiera is quite the little fishergirl (Is that even a word? Now it is.). I do believe she “reeled in” more fish than anyone, or at least was the boss of more people who were reeling in. I am actually not a fan of fishing, but I’ll never miss a chance to lay on the boat and relax, nor will I miss a chance to spend time with Kiera. We had a slumber party at her place that night, and this is where I need to apologize… Katie & Christie – I’m sorry for the abuse I gave you when I was a child. You always said I took up the whole bed, kicked and took all the covers. Kiera does the same thing, and I’m afraid I’ve been paid back! 🙂 Jokes aside, it was a great time with Kiera and I loved being favorite cousin for 24 hours.

Kiera also made me an awesome assortment of accessories – I have animal print duct tape rings, bracelets, anklets and a necklace. I know, you’re jealous.

I must agree – life is better at the lake!

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