If you’ve ever been to Tulsa, I’d bet you’ve seen, and likely stopped at, a few QuikTrips. I never understood Tulsa’s love affair with QT until I had one of their delicious fountain drinks, filled my car with their luxury gas, and ate their gourmet junk food (donut holes…in a cup!). No, seriously Tulsa, why do you love them so much again? I think you love QT as much as Seattle loves coffee.

When we go snow skiing, on our drive to our fluffy white destination, we play a game – Windmill! Basically, it’s like Slug Bug, except there’s no hitting involved and instead of yelling for cute cars you yell for windmills. For all you Tulsans, do you play QuickTrip!?

Side note: Speaking of, if you ever go snow skiing, I hope you don’t lose your humor. Ahem.

In addition to attempting to grasp the concept of #QuikTripLove (#fail), I filled my Saturday evening with basketball! Saturday night was the first game of the regular season for the Tulsa Shock, and Caylee & I went to the game! Afterward, we stopped by River Spirit to see Caylee’s sister and check on the Thunder score, because of course I couldn’t miss a single game of my #ThunderCrush. I’m not a gambler (hello, I’d much rather go shopping), but they gave me $15 in free play. I left the casino up $35 after playing just $1 of my own money and singing along to Summer Lovin’ on the Grease game. #winning

I stayed with Caylee at her sister’s house, and I think they imported this tiny bed specifically for their fun sized house guest (me).

So why the random trip to Tulsa? This past weekend was the wedding of my GG Big, Shannon! She is one of the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful (inside AND out) ladies I’ve ever met. I met Shannon on the first night of Phi Lamb’s rush in 2008, and instantly wanted to be her friend. She was just so nice! I was ecstatic when I found out I was in her phamily and treasured all the advice she gave and time I got to spend with her that year.

Take a look at that hair. I worked hard on getting it to look that awesome and I will totes brag about it. Hey Tulsa, thanks for a great weekend.

PS – unrelated, but it’s about Tulsa, and King George is singing. #love

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