Hi, there!

Are you from Cassie’s blog? If so, welcome! If not, go check her out! Cassie featured me in a blog post because she’s doing something awesome and I got to help. Cassie is raising money to be a St. Jude Hero and is going to run the half in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon! So she’s pretty cool (I don’t just say that because we share a birthday, though that doesn’t hurt!).

Sometime around last Thursday, I began thinking to myself “Self, I really hope to sleep in on Saturday. Just until 8:30 would be fine with me. Oh, and wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time by the pool reading a book? And don’t forget, you really wanted to ride horses this weekend too. Yes, self, we should relax this weekend.”

Friday night was the AmPo FFA Chapter’s end of the year banquet. I hadn’t been to an FFA banquet since 2007, which was the last time I presided over a meeting, wore my jacket and felt the overwhelming pride I had in being an FFA member. As soon as Charlie, their outgoing president, tapped the gavel, the chills were back. I am so proud to be an adopted member of the Amber Pocassett group, and being at their banquet, celebrating all their incredible accomplishments this year, was amazing. I might be more excited than Kaden is for him to finally be an FFA member next year! I hope his experience (and Kale’s, when the time comes) is even more incredible than mine was.

Saturday, I slept in!! I don’t think I even woke up until 9:30. It was great. And, as you’ve probably heard a few times by now, Saturday night was the celebration for Nathan’s Oklahoma Sunrise album! If you’d like to see pictures, look here. I am just so excited to see Nathan chasing dreams and succeeding! (It’s halftime of the Thunder game, and I had the album playing on my computer, and I just heard it start playing it downstairs too. #SuperFans. Haha.)

Sunday was MOTHER’S DAY! I love my mom. In fact, I love her so much that I already wrote about her. We went to my Aunt Kandi’s house and had great fun with the family, eating delicious food (hello, fruit salsa!) and jumping around with tiny humans.

Now, for the really relaxing part of the weekend.


Update: And I rode horses Sunday too. How could I forget that!?

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