EMT Truck

Somehow, in my two and a half years of telling the following story (or in my 23 years of life), I never learned how to say the word in bold properly.

“On November 19, 2009, I was hit by a truck…thankfully the ambulance was just a few cars back at the stoplight…” For that story, click here.

As mom and I were driving home from Amber tonight, we passed two fire trucks and what I from now on will be calling an EMT truck. Somehow we started talking about the trucks, and I said it.

Ambleance. In case you’re not familiar with the word, it sounds like “Am-blee-ants.”

I thought my mom was going to drive off the road because she was laughing so hard. I didn’t get it… What’s so funny about an ambleance?

Apparently, the way I say it.

She tried, unsuccessfully, to teach me how to say it for the rest of our three mile drive. For all of you who have heard me say it and haven’t corrected me, I’m mad at you.

This is going in the same category as rotten, muddin’ and straighten: words Shae will never be able to pronounce right and will get made fun of for the rest of her life. #sadface


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