On Wednesday, I celebrated 23 years of life. Just 23 short years ago, I got to make Terry & Kimberly Kennedy be Daddy and Momma for the first time. In those 23 years, God has blessed me with an inspiring family, awesome friends and incredible opportunities.  If you have played a part in any second of the last 23 years, thank you. God blessed me from day 1, allowing me to take just a single breath. Since then, every breath I’ve taken has been filled with excitement and adventure, and I promise you, I will continue that with every breath I’m given. In 23 years, I’ve had countless prayers answered, dreams realized and goals accomplished. I’ve learned that with God on my side, no mountain is unconquerable. I’ve learned that having faith and trusting will lead to great things, even if the thought scares you to death. And I’ve learned that at the end of the day, there’s no place I’d rather be right now than sitting at the kitchen table and watching the beautiful sunset…Except maybe outside by the pool.

The last week has been filled with fun – not a better way to celebrate your birthday week! (And it’s still not over – my family is coming over tomorrow to officially celebrate!)

My week started off last Saturday watching Bear & Shane play baseball on Shane’s senior day!

On Wednesday, I was surprised at work with flowers from Daddy, Momma, Kaden and Kale. You can’t tell here, but they GLITTER! My coworkers made sure my day was special by taking me to lunch, getting me a cookie cake, and buying me a cute card and present! They’re the best! 🙂 Caylee sent me a special birthday wish as well… somehow it didn’t get lost in the air! And to end the night, Laine took me to dinner and gave me The Adventures of Princess and Mr. Whiffle! Now he just has to read it to me 🙂

On Thursday, I got to attend the Chickasaw Nation Hall of Fame event for the second year. It is so amazing and humbling to see the dedication of the individuals honored to the Native American tribes. It is very inspiring and I look forward to attending again next year.

Also Thursday night, Caylee and Oakley came to town! Caylee and I went to Grady’s Pub & Grille (YUM!!!) to watch the Thunder game with Chase. Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE GPG! If you live in the Tuttle area, check it! It’s a fun atmosphere and the food is great. Molly and Oakley fought for attention but got along beautifully 🙂

Didn’t I tell you this week was exciting? The reason Caylee & Oakley came to town was because Hollee graduated! Hollee was one of the original Swim House members and I know her through Caylee, who was also a Swimmie. All the Swim House family has now graduated 😦 Good luck Hollee!!!

It wouldn’t be a weekend in Stillwater if I didn’t stop for a Barn Coke. After mom getting them all week (she was in Stillwater with Kaden for his TSA conference – where he did AMAZING! If I learn enough about it I’ll tell you more.) and rubbing it in, I had no choice. Also, I woke up this morning and found out I won Cassie’s contest! I’m not sure what all it entails, but I’ll let you know. Also, happy belated birthday Cassie!

I think you can tell I’ve been blessed this week – but just know this is a tiny snapshot into my life, I am one incredibly blessed girl.


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