I don’t claim to be an NBA expert or superfan, but I am a fan and I am pretty super, and if we’re honest, we all know I have lots to say, so there you have it.

Round 1, game 2, Thunder-Mavs. Nothing brings people together quite like the love of a game, and I [actually] enjoy putting aside our state-dividing orange and crimson line for a moment to cheer for the Thunder Blue!

What a game. But really, what a year… We know this team is capable of awesome things, so awesome in fact that I have decided to refer to these things as Thundersome, which is, as I explained to a friend*, like awesome only better.

It seems, though, that we get roller coaster games frequently as of late, as in these recent Thunder-Mavs games – the deciding shot was literally down to the last second. But something I tend to forget in the frustrating moments of these games, where I’m like “Seriously, KD, a three?!” is the age of most of these players who are carrying the excitement of a city on their shoulders.

In two days, I’ll be 23 (yay!). These guys are literally my age. Nine out of the 15 on the roster are 25 or under. I am just so thankful that I’m not the one carrying that weight! It’s been an absolutely incredible season. I’m so excited to continue watching and cheering on our Thunder through the playoffs and in the coming years. They hold so much promise and such an exciting future.

So, Thunder boys, on the off-chance you accidentally stumble across this little blog of mine – mad props. You, gentlemen, are Thundersome, and I heart you. Espeically on Thunderful (wonderful) nights such as this.


A real Thunder blog can be found here.

*Hey Chase, here’s mention #2.


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