animal style burgers and other nonsense

Nine days ago I promised you an update on my weekend life. Clearly, it hasn’t happened. To make up for it, I give you Instagram pictures and other random thoughts.

A tornado touched down in Norman while I was at work. While the following is a funny picture making fun of our Okie view on tornadoes, they aren’t laughing business. My heart is with those in Woodward who hit by the storms. Unfortunately, I’ve been in their shoes and losing everything in the blink of an eye is no joke. Continue to remember them in your prayers.

After we were given the all clear, I headed to Texas to see Caylee and Oakley! Caylee and I went to the mall, In-N-Out* and Ikea (love) with Momma Bear, Kim and Steph, and I helped build a bookshelf. Ballin’!

I went to the park with Julie & Kiera, roasted marshmallows with the family + Keely and received my long-awaited Birchbox**.

OH! I almost forgot (okay, not really). Book your Thirty One Party with me before Wednesday, May 2 and you’ll get a super special gift! (Check out 31 here)

*If you don’t like pickles, don’t get animal style. I thought it was like cheese or something. No, it’s sauce, with pickles. Wondering what I’m talking about? Look here.
**If you’re thinking of subscribing, DO IT! I agree with Abby, the lipstick/cheek stain they sent this month was AMAZING…well worth the $10/month subscription! Click here to join!

***Also, Cassie is raising money to be a St. Jude Hero! Go support her and St. Jude here! (Fun fact: we share a birthday.)***


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