heels and guns

Last night on Twitter I promised you guys a blog post today to talk about my long weekend of epic gun shooting and baseball awesomeness. Well, here it is.

The weekend started off with the “opening day” of AmPo little league regular season baseball. Go Panthers 🙂

Baseball happens to run in the family I guess, because I happen to have a very talented cousin playing baseball at OKWU in Bartlesville – Go Eagles! Friday brought a double header vs. Hillsdale, so we headed up to watch Bear play ball.

Bear’s roommate, Shane, hit a home run during the game!

Look at my studly cousin. Sorry ladies, he’s taken.

Of course, Saturday night we colored eggs, and I baked! Poor Kale would have never agreed to spend hours working on getting these eggs looking so awesome if he would have had any idea what we would do Sunday…

I know traditionally people the Easter bunny hides the eggs in trees and grass for little kids to find, but really, what’s the fun in that when you’re a grown up? After church and lunch on Sunday, the Kennedy/Hardy group decided to put our own spin on things. We went out to the pasture, loaded with guns and ammo, and really hunted our eggs!

I even participated, in heels!

Thankfully, I dodged any cow patties and my beautiful Antonio Melani heels are still beautiful and cow poop free! I’m thinking this form of egg hunting might just have to become a tradition 🙂

Also this weekend, I got a new purse from ThirtyOne, I made two more scarves, and I continued my excitement over Vote YES passing!

Happy Monday, ya’ll, I hope your week is great. Hearts!

(Also, if you’re my Grandma and still trying to figure out what to buy me for my birthday, look here!)


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