drive friendly, the TEXAS way!

That sign is, without a doubt, my favorite thing* about crossing into Texas.

This weekend I jetted (ok, drove) off to Decatur for the first time in several months for a weekend of fun and laughter with two of my favorite people and one of my favorite animals.

When Caylee moved to Decatur a little over a year ago, I flooded her Facebook timeline with random facts about Decatur and attempted to teach her how to be a little country. Apparently there are famous cowboys from Decatur, though I’ve never seen them, so I told her to wear cowboy boots and wave at everyone. Ha. I’ve still never seen her in cowboy boots, though I’m sure she has some by now. If not it’s permissible because she’s my little city friend transplanted to country-ish life.

Anyway, back to Decatur. They have the cutest little town square within walking distance of Caylee’s, and on this square is a delish local steak place, Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes. If you are ever in the Decatur-ish area, TRY IT. That good. Drive for a bit if you have to.

Like I said, I spent the weekend with two of my favorite people, Caylee and Stephanie. The animal mentioned is Oakley, Caylee’s yorkie poo, who was fortunate (?) enough to get a little hair trim from me… I failed miserably at taking pictures, so I Facebook creeped to find a few of us. I found exactly two pictures of the three of us, taken in 2009ish. Let’s fix that next time.

This is the most recent picture I found of me and Caylee…we’ve changed a bit!

And I found a couple of picture of me and Stephanie, but none bring back the memories of this one… haha 🙂

On Saturday, Caylee and I went to Grapevine to the mall. I FINALLY picked up some new tennis shoes at the Nike store – SCORE! Ready to run now! They’re white and pink, and perfectly lightweight and supportive. I also picked up a new AmPo green v-neck t-shirt from Old Navy so I can cheer on my favorite Panther baseball player (Kale Joe) this spring in style! Old Navy also had some super cute infinity scarves that I fell in love with.

While at the mall, we stopped in f21. Holy moley, I forgot how much I HATE the organization, or lack thereof, in that place. No wonder I only stop in when necessary. But, I did find a cute outfit, and now I just need to find some tickets for an upcoming game so Lori and I can Thunder Up looking cute!

I also bought these shoes a few weeks ago at Metro Shoe Warehouse, and will be wearing them with the outfit. Probably with a cardigan, because we all know how cold I get 🙂 I can’t wait!

My favorite part of coming back to Oklahoma is crossing the Texas-Oklahoma border (again with the border, sorry). You’re greeted by a billboard featuring Governor Anoatubby, welcoming you to the Chickasaw Nation. I’m so proud to say Chikashsha Saya! (I am Chickasaw!)

Anyway, Thunder vs. Heat is tonight in OKC… I’m going to be Thundering Up hanging out with the coolest first grader I know, Kiera Faith. Love spending time with her!

PS – Can anyone name the movie this quote comes from? “Follow me, or perish, sweater monkeys.”
IMDBing it is cheating, btw…

f21 dressf21 bow

2 thoughts on “drive friendly, the TEXAS way!

  1. Patrick says:

    Glad you had fun! Oh and I miss random movie trivia, but I am sad to say I do not know the movie that comes from.

    • shaeken says:

      Movie trivia is back on, coming to a blog near you soon (this one). If I can come up with any good movie quotes! And it’s Bring It On.

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