Ain’t nothing like a livestock show!

I’m pretty much convinced this is my momma’s favorite song during this time of the year. Randomly, she’ll start bursting out with a “woah-oh-oh don’t ya know, there’s nothin’ in the world like a livestock show!” If you’ve heard my mom sing, you all know she deserves an award for her talent of calling cows! But seriously, stock shows are some of the best memories I have growing up, and I always enjoy watching my brothers.

As I mentioned, last week was the Grady County Jr. Livestock Show & Sale. The Terry Kennedy family (mine, fyi) has made the switch in the last year from the sheep barn to the steer barn. I would post a picture from the sheep showing days, but the only one I can find a) isn’t from county, b) is on Lori’s Facebook and c) is my backside. #awkward

Anyway, helping my brothers/family with this adventure is the one and only Charles Willis. Mr. Willis was my mom’s ag teacher, and he is the dad of one of my sweetest friends ever, Ashley. Kaden and Kale’s ag teacher is Mr. Scott, who was also my dad’s ag teacher when he was in school! Needless to say, I feel like the Kennedy boys have some pretty wise helpers on their side.

Kaden and Charles

Kale and Charles

Kaden practicing before he goes in the ring to show

Kaden had Champion Angus! He was also selected 3rd best steer overall for the bonus auction. Kaden also was the Reserve Champion showman and will be one of two 13-15 year old exhibitors representing Grady County at OYE!

Kale and his steer, Skillet. He was Reserve Champion Hereford and the 8th steer in the bonus auction.

We’ve always had amazing support from family in everything we’ve chosen to do. These ladies are my Grandma Vickie and Grandma Nett.

Bonus auction time!

Also, I’d like to give a HUGE THANKS to the Chickasaw Nation for their sponsorship of Grady County’s Chickasaw exhibitors!! Side note: speaking of Chickasaw things, Chickasaw Country launched today!

Something I’ve learned about showing cattle is we obsess more over their hair than I do over my own. It needs to grow, so they need to be kept cold, and it has to go in the perfect direction, so it must be washed and blow dried daily, and it needs to be cut perfectly, etc. So much hair! Kaden even scolded me for touching the hair wrong. I was just picking wood chips out though 😉

The best thing about cowboys, I’ve heard, are their great behinds.

And on that note…

Sorry if this post was a little rambly (yes I made that word up) or whatever, I have the flu. More on that later.

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