Cookie Decorating 101

What is this, another food post?

Nope. There’s food in it, but I’m not going to pretend I came up with the recipe! Earlier this week, I was at Target (weakness) and saw a decorate your own Valentine’s Day cookie kit, so I bought it. Why? Who knows. But I then remembered my mom was babysitting Julie bug and decided that would be the perfect activity for her!

She was a great little decorating buddy and took her work very seriously, doing it all by herself!

Our cookies:

Her brother, Hunter, got to enjoy these delish cookies

Speaking of Hunter, he’s a cool dude. I love all my cousins, and I especially love hugs from them. Julie and Kiera sometimes get a little stingy with their hugs though. Hunter, on the other hand, always gives me hugs. One day, he got to the house and was really sleepy. I was on the couch, and he came to give me a hug, and all of a sudden he was asleep. Haha. But for real, I hope he never gets too old or too cool to give me hugs.

One more thing on my target trip. I was feeling so lazy (I’m pretty sure I wore a giant oversized sweater that day just to be comfortable) and wanted to sit in a beanbag/on the floor all day. I tweeted about it (duh). Kristen saw my tweet and we proceeded to have a short twonversation (twitter conversation? OK, I won’t use it again) about needing(/wanting) bean bags. I don’t remember if I posted this picture on Twitter, but these bean bags were definitely at Target that evening, and I was totes jeal of the owner of this shopping cart.

I just realized what time it is. Julie’s 4th birthday party is in less than an hour, and I’m still wearing my warm pajamas…it’s 23 degrees outside though, so I don’t feel bad about it.

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