Essie is the bESStIE

Essie Nail polish has become my weakness. Haha. I never thought I’d say that about any nail polish! It goes on so well and has such great color, and it doesn’t wear off easily! All the things it takes to be great in my nail polish book.

Earlier this week, I bought “a subdued, creamy coral” called E-nuf is E-nuf (probably the most red color I will ever wear). I love it.
e-nuf is e-nuf

And today, I bought “scintillating opalescence,” which I’m calling shiny glitter.
Shine of the times

Me and nail polish. Oh my. It’s fun, though. Currently, I’m rocking the coral-y red with the shiny glitter on one nail. Grown up with personality, I think, and really, it’s not too noticeable. I like the punch of spunk you get with the one unexpected shiny glitter nail.

What are your favorite nail colors/brands?

And for my dude readers, I promise this isn’t turning into a fashion blog.


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