Thoughts on the game: OKSTATE vs. Iowa State

I’m not a sports blogger and I don’t claim to be one. If you’re looking for a real sports blogger, let me save you time – go see Kyle Porter at Pistols Firing Blog. but if you want my notes from the game, here ya go.

1. Keiton Page
I understand that dudes do the butt tap when they’re proud of their teammates and celebrating. But Keiton Page’s twist on this is totes awk. During the butt tap, Page cups his hand, resulting in more of a squeeze. I witnessed it multiple times before and tonight it just really bugged me. You’re a D1 player bro. Learn the art of the butt tap.

2. LeBryan Nash

He’s the man. I’m a fan. If people would ❤ him as much as they do KP…well I don’t know. But he has earned the love in my eyes. (don’t hate me if I eve change my mind. My sports ❤ is based on the day.)

3. Gallagher Iba Arena

Remember this? When it was full? I miss that. I miss the rowdy. The energy. The excitement. There were like 7,000 people there tonight and I was excited. That’s sad… I know they kind of stink right now and we (meaning me) don’t like T-Ford or KP. But I love the Cowboys so for better or for worse, I’ll still cheer and yell and get excited and be a fan. Put on your orange and cheer, buy the cheap-y $10 tickets, and just be a fan. The traffic home isn’t bad so don’t let that be an excuse. Show some love for those Cowboys.

That’s all. I’m sure PFB will have better game thoughts up soon (if he doesn’t already) so go over there now.

(all images courtesy of a google search. whoops.)

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